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Experience all 3 of the 5 minute Escape Rooms during your experience at the 13th Door Haunted House!

The Laser TrapThe Spirit TrapThe Alien Trap


What are the Escape Rooms at the Portland Haunted House?

The Laser Trap
In this twisting and turning chamber of Lasers you will only have one change to defuse this room of riddles. Escape wile you can before the timer hits BOOM !!!

The Spirit Trap
You are entering this creepy old room with just one thing on your mind; can we really talk to the spirits? The Oracle will hold the key to your departure.

The Alien Trap
This SIFI trap will make you cringe and turn green, only probing will reveal the secrets of this unearthly mystery with in it.

Ticket options for the escape games at 13th Door Haunted House are found below.

Buy Tickets for 13th Door Haunted House Portland

All 3 escape rooms at the 13th Door Haunted House are brought to you by the creator's of Mental Trap, Portland's #1 Rated Escape Game! Do you look for adventure and fun of an escape room game and want the full challenge? Visit Mental Trap located inside Glowing Greens Blacklight Miniature Golf at the Beaverton, Location at 3855 SW Murray Blvd, Beaverton, Oregon.

Trailer Escape Games:
$5.00 each escape game and each guest Cash or Credit
3 seperate escape games are a short 5 minute introductory Escape Room Experience for 2 - 4 guests. You will be placed in a theatrically themed setting where you and your team must find the clues to solve the puzzles to escape this mind-twisting game using logic and just a little bit of luck. If you are looking for longer and more detailed Escape Experiences, we offer year-round and seasonal escapes inside Glowing Greens Beaverton. Visit www.mentaltrap.com for more information!

All 3 Trailer Escapes & Casket Ride Combo:
$15.00 each guest Cash or Credit Looking for a deal? Essentially buy three get one free, save $5.00 by purchasing all 3 Escape Games & Casket Combo and enjoy everything we have to offer at this year's 13th Door Haunted Attraction!

VIP Bundle (Includes 3 Trailer Escapes & Casket Ride):
$50.00 each guest Cash or Credit
Looking for more with your VIP Admission? Just pay $10 more than normal VIP Admission to receive entry to our 3 seasonal Trailer Escape Games and our Casket Ride.This is only sold from 10.12.2017 - 10.31.2017 during the operation of our 13th Door Haunted Attraction when we get wait times as long as 2 - 3 hours. No escape is the same; each is a different experience. Don't forget to bring your Mental Trap Passport to get these seasonal stamps in your booklet. Go to www.mentaltrap.com/passport for more information about our Passport Experience.

Mental Trap A Real Life Escape Room Game!!
Your mission is to escape this real life locked multi-room Journey. There are clues all around you; each clue leads to a series of other clues. However, you must use logic and intelligence to notice the clues and solve the puzzle. Eventually, one clue will lead you to Escape... HOORAY!? Not so fast, Mental Trap is the only room escape game that offers a series of rooms within each game. You’ve only escaped room number one. There are still more rooms to escape... Can you get out fast enough?
Come join us for 60:00 minutes of Great fun and Adventure!

Check out Mental Trap on Facebook at

Located inside Glowing Greens Blacklight Miniature Golf Beaverton Oregon Location.

3855 SW Murray Blvd
Beaverton, Oregon


Glowing Greens is Portland and Beaverton’s premier, black light, indoor, 18 hole, 3-D Adventure miniature golf course. Stop in for a great game of golf in our fun and memorable atmosphere. We offer individual and group rounds for 18 or 9 holes of miniature golf. Give your family & friends a party that they will never forget. Glowing Greens is great for every age and groups of any size.




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